Music Industry Careers at McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas, and the Audio Technology Studies program....

Create, perform, record, and market your music in today's entertainment industry. World-class facility, recording studios, and faculty, make for a world class opportunity in the music business.....

The Music Industry Careers Program at McLennan Community College prepares students to work in the music/entertainment industry. The transferable two-year Associate Degree program immerses students in a microcosm of the music  industry, in which students are surrounded by, and interact with Music Industry Professionals, Music Performance majors, Music Business Management majors, and Recording Studio AudioTechnology majors. The curriculum includes everything you need to get involved in today's music business, including performance ensembles, Recording Studio training, classes in music training, theory, commercial and pop music history, keyboard/piano, music business and other relevant studies. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and develop your skills for creating, performing, and recording your music. 

This page highlights the Audio Technology program, and provides additional info about what we do here. The audio classes are held in the recording studios complex in the performing arts center on the MCC college campus. The studios and control rooms are industry-standard, state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology and modern high tech recording equipment.

During the first year of audio study, students will learn about: the physics of sound; science of acoustics; the tools used to collect, store, process, and deliver sound products; recording session procedures; business networking. The students work individually and in teams completing weekly recording projects in class and outside of class, and prepare presentations of their work, presenting their projects to the other students. They will function as a team in recording sessions, and produce recordings on a variety of different equipment types.

During the second year of audio study, the emphasis is on an internship class model. The learning environment is set up like a real-world studio complex, in which the students work both individually and in teams on a variety of recording projects. They sign in, keep hours, schedule their own project sessions, allocate and share the studio resources. The students then share the results of their recording projects with the other students, instructing and answering questions about their experience creating the recording. Trouble-shooting, electronics repair, and studio maintenance are learned and practiced by the students throughout the year.

FIND OUT MORE! Click Here for details This 30 minute podcast discusses many details about the Music Industry Careers program  at McLennan Community College..... DEFINITELY WORTH A LISTEN!

For the past 40 years, professor Brian Konzelman has been teaching musicians and audio recording engineers at MCC how to make a living in the music industry. Graduates now own recording businesses across the nation, have careers in entertainment, recording and film industries, and have earned GRAMMY AWARDS, EMMYS, GOLD RECORDS from the RIAA.  Find out more about Brian here.....

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