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A Central Texas Premier Recording Facility
30 years of major label experience Recording studio virtual tour from Back at the Ranch Studio Christian Recording Studio and Recording information help center

Back at the Ranch is a private recording studio located near Waco Texas, about an hour south of Dallas-Fort Worth. It was designed and built from the ground up to be a comfortable and pleasant environment for making the highest quality recordings.

A world-class 5000 cubic foot symmetrical mirror-image control room

Hidden deep in the woods along the quiet bank of Texas' Brazos River, the relaxed and quiet rural atmosphere and rustic surroundings provide a pleasant change from the typical high-pressure environment of many other recording studios. A private world-class equipped facility set in creative, friendly surroundings.....

The specially designed building features a world-class 5000 cubic foot symmetrical mirror-image control room with a floor area of 27' x 23'. The room's large, acoustically accurate design and isolated equipment area make it ideal for tracking, overdubbing and mixing all in the same room. A separate 12' x 22' isolation room is available.

A relaxed, creative environment

Amenities include a kitchen, lounge area, and lots of outdoor space to unwind in. Our ranch provides beautiful natural surroundings with diversions like fossil hunting, fishing and hiking on 200 acres of secluded woods bordered by Texas' own Brazos River.

Enjoy the natural surroundings around Back at the Ranch

The big, beautiful, comfortable and sonically accurate control room.

EQUIPMENT? Glad you asked! We use the best of vintage equipment as well as the newest state-of-the-art high-end audio gear to help make your recordings the best they can possibly be. The world's best equipment from Neve, Manley, SSL, API, Mytek, Langevin, TC-Electronic M6000, Massenberg, Neumann, GrooveTubes, DBX, etc. Our vintage audio equipment includes some of the actual gear used in recording sessions with Paul McCartney, Dionne Warwick, Quincy Jones, Fleetwood Mac, Karen Carpenter, Dan Fogelberg, Jefferson Starship, Stevie Wonder, Heart, Doobie Brothers, and Bob Dylan. Our isolated electrical power transformers and the carefully designed audio wiring insure a low noise, high dynamic range signal path for the highest sound quality. From the premium solid state and tube mike pre-amps, all the way to the final digital or analog Mastering, your sounds will achieve their full sonic potential, and your recordings will be stunning.

WACO Texas recording studio

RECORDERS: The best of analog and digital.....MCI/Sony and Otari analog 2 - 24 track, NEVE portico tape emulation, Pro tools and Digital Performer 72-track digital recording, with a selection of the best A/D conversion options including SSL, MYTEK, API and Lucid. In addition, any format or system you want can be made available. Lots more.....

CONSOLES: MCI/SONY 636 was recently retired, and we now feature the large-frame 68 input classic British A-H SABER console modified by Jim Williams, with integral balanced patch bay and internal automation. Digital mixing provided by virtual console with control surface interface and all the really cool plugin processors. Super pure monitoring path through Coleman switching and a Jim Williams custom console section.
The large frame 72 input Allen and Heath SABER British console

SIGNAL PROCESSING: lots of goodies, including TC ELECTRONIC four engine M-6000, TC ICON, GML MASSENBERG EQ, Meyer CP10, LEXICON 224xl, dual pcm 90, dual pcm 81, dual pcm 80, NEVE eqs, NEVE compressors and PORTICO tape emulation, UREI, TC Electronic, DBX 900 series, Aphex 9000 compressors, Dominators, Compellors, expressors, Yamaha, Klark Technik, Alesis, Rane, Brooke Siren, etc. Way too many Digital Plugins. Altiverb, TC 6000, LEXICON reverb and ambience engines. Your other favorite boxes available on request.


Too many cool plugins

MICROPHONES and MIKE PREAMPS: A variety of flavors from Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, EV, Crown, Countryman, Sony, AT, Marshall, Groove Tubes, C.A.D. and boutique specialty mics.  Numerous mic-preamps including API, MANLEY, LANGEVIN, NEVE, A Designs, Groove Tubes Vipre tube pres, Dbx 786 class A reference preamps, Jim Williams custom channels, and AH-Saber mike pres. Your other favorite preamps available on request.

MONITORING: So much more than just speakers. The room and the speaker combination were designed together to provide astonishing accuracy, imaging, and sonic excellence only obtainable from a ground-up studio construction. Painstaking construction techniques including a mirror-image control room with over 5000 cubic feet and massive 27-foot bass traps have allowed us to achieve a very transparent room. The main house system is third-octave warble and strip chart certified as functionally flat from 30hz to 17khz with no EQ. What does that mean to you? Your mix will translate to the real world outside of the studio. No more being fooled by the studio monitors. ADCOM, UREI, CROWN, ROTEL, and YAMAHA amplifiers power monitoring systems. Speakers include Custom JBL 4425, Yamaha NS10M, Tannoy PBM, Auratone 5C, KLH etc., monitor switching via Coleman and Jim Williams custom interfaces. Whatever other monitoring your project requires, we can provide.

256 tracks of MIDI with 300 voice polyphony are available to sweeten your sounds.
MIDI: Any acoustic, electronic, drum, percussion, piano, keyboard, or sound effect imaginable from our racks of Kurzweil, EMU-Emulator, Proteus MP7, XL TURBO, VIRTUOSO, P2000, holy grail piano, PROTEAN DRUMS, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, etc. SMPTE and word clock locked Computer sequencing on both Macintosh and PC formats, synchronized via multiple MOTU MIDI Time Piece to the audio recorders. Kurzweil Midiboard 88 key weighted keyboard controller, Axiom, Midi guitar, percussion, and other controllers. Over 600 voice simultaneous polyphony available on up to 72 individual audio outputs, controlled by 1216 midi channels. ("Toto, are we in Kansas?")
Digital Performer 3 edit screen

INSTRUMENTS: Lots of guitars, classical, steel-string acoustic, electric hollow and solid body, factory and custom guitars, both vintage and modern. Vintage and modern guitar and bass amps, and digital amp modeling for direct recording. Violins, mandolins, banjos, didgeridoos, percussion stuff, you get the idea.

In addition to our ever-changing list of available equipment, we can locate and provide any other special microphones, recording equipment or instruments that your heart desires, and your budget can afford.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Our beautiful natural surroundings provide a relaxed and creative environment for music production, and put us about 15 minutes from the nearest store, and about 20 minutes from real civilization. Everything you could want in the way of groceries, food or lodging can be found about 25 minutes from our studio at EXIT # 339 the intersection of Interstate 35 and Lake Shore Drive\Loop 340.

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Outside of the studio, Muffin, the wonderdog. Virgin woods. Kitties. Vegetable garden. Nature as far as you can see in any direction. Peace and quiet. A slow, wandering river. A wonderful place to kick back, create, reflect, record.

evening sunset Back at the Ranch

A comfortable, well equipped studio

Our 40+ years of music recording experience, our exceptional studio, and our low-pressure laid-back vibe add up to a most pleasant recording experience, and a highest quality product.

You'll love Back at the Ranch. A Brazos sunrise Back at the Ranch

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Muffin the wonderdog


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