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30 years of major label experience Brian Konzelman biography from Back at the Ranch Studio Christian Recording Studio and Recording information help center
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Brian Konzelman

His experience in the music and recording industry spans four decades of writing, performing, recording, and producing music that has touched the lives of millions.


ROOTS..... From earliest childhood, a passion for music led to years of classical as well as contemporary music training. At thirteen, Brian was performing on TV as a guitarist with THE BUMBLE BEATS. High school years found him busy writing, performing and recording music for custom records, the theater and television, as well as touring and recording with THE NEW JAZZ ENSEMBLE. Classical music was a natural for Brian as well. He performed and toured with numerous orchestras throughout the northwest featured as a solo violinist, served as concertmaster, as well as composing and guest conducting his own orchestral scores.

MUSICIAN..... The decade of the 1970s found Brian and his wife, Sherry, on the road with their music. In those very early days of what is now known as Contemporary Christian Music, Brian was there, writing, recording, producing, and touring with THE NEW CREATION SINGERS . One of the first SPARROW RECORDS artists, The New Creation Singers are credited as the first internationally known contemporary praise and worship music group. Many of the scripture songs and choruses that have been popular in contemporary Christian music originated from their seven albums.

Record sales exploded as Brian toured and recorded with the group for nine years, doing concerts with Christian music legends B.J. THOMAS, ANDRE CROUCH, KEITH GREEN, PAT BOONE, BARRY MCGUIRE, 2ND CHAPTER OF ACTS, and hosts of other artists. Record sales overseas led to multiple concert tours of Europe, Scandinavia, and Great Britain, appearances on the BBC, and at the 1972 OLYMPIC GAMES in Munich, Germany. 1975-1976 was spent doing an extended yearlong worldwide tour including concerts, radio and television appearances in Europe, Israel, Iran, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and Hawaii. An artist/producer contract with SPARROW RECORDS followed, and Brian began to branch out as producer and writer for other artists.

Kurt Kaiser, George Beverly Shea, and Brian, recording the Starsong - Sparrow ECHOES OF MY SOUL series Grammy winner George Beverly Shea with Kurt Kaiser and Brian, recording the MOMENTS project at Back at the Ranch Studio.....

PRODUCER and ENGINEER..... Beginning in the late 1970s, Brian expanded his involvement in audio production, designing and building three recording studios, and producing recordings for a wide variety of clients. In addition to his record album and music productions, Brian has produced award-winning radio ads, TV and film soundtracks, and/or multimedia sound for clients AMY GRANT, B.J. THOMAS, BIG RED, BILLY GRAHAM, DELTA AIRLINES, DION, JAMES DOBSON, CARMAN, THE IMPERIALS, JOE ENGLISH, JACK LALANE, AMERICAN RED CROSS, MICHAEL W. SMITH, MARANATHA RECORDS, PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN, SANDY PATTI, CHUCK SWINDOLL, WAYNE WATSON, WORD RECORDS, STARSONG RECORDS, SPARROW RECORDS . He has worked on albums and film soundtracks with KURT KAISER and KNB MUSIC , including the MOMENTS project with GRAMMY AWARD WINNER GEORGE BEVERLY SHEA , and the 11 film - 60 episode network series SCENIC WONDER BIBLE.

Grammy winning artist/producer Alan Parsons with Brian at the Audio Engineering Society convention.

Brian with grammy winner Alan Parsons

SOUND MAN, SOUND DESIGNER and AUDIO CONSULTANT..... Brian has engineered sound systems for venues ranging from churches to outdoor festivals for audiences of over 50,000, and engineered live sound systems for a wide variety of artists including B J THOMAS, MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHY, DON MCLEAN, NICKEL CREEK, KEITH GREENE, THREE DOG NIGHT, LEON RUSSELL, ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL, 38 SPECIAL, JOHNNY GIMBLE, TOMMY EMMANUEL, MONTY MONTGOMERY, GARY P NUNN, JOSE FELICIANO, RICKY SKAGGS, WAYNE WATSON, MARCIA BALL.


Rupert Neve visits with Brian in New York Visiting with legendary audio designer and mentor, Rupert Neve.....

Working with numerous missionary organizations, Brian has been providing hands-on help and support for audio bible translation and radio broadcast recordings. In recent years, he has traveled extensively in Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Columbia, the Amazon jungle and the Andies mountain regions, training and helping with the design and construction of recording facilities.

Brian attends a recording seminar with MCC students..... TEACHER..... Brian has been active in the area of audio education for over 30 years. After having designed and taught audio technology courses for Baylor University, Brian moved on to help build the fully accredited Audio Technology Program at McLennan Community College, where he is a Professor of Audio Technology. He teaches a two-year associate degree program in the Commercial Music School's state-of-the-art digital recording facilities and well-equipped computer midi laboratory. Brian has appeared in the pages of MIX, RECORDING ENGINEER PRODUCER, and ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN magazines. Many of his graduate students are currently studio owners, producers, audio engineers, and record executives.

AND FINALLY..... These days, Brian is busier than ever writing, arranging, recording and producing music in his Back at the Ranch studio , teaching at the college, performing live as a guitarist, and managing the publishing concerns of Seasonings Music and KNB Music Inc. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, taught fitness classes and physical training for the police academy, and actually believes that he will someday decide what he wants to be when he grows up..........

Brian with Steve Chapman, Back at the Ranch having altogether too much fun

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